3 Week Progress

GUYS! It’s been 3 full weeks since I became refocused on my goals! I had been skating by getting workouts in but not at all watching what I was eating! These last three weeks have been on point! I am proud to say I have lost 10.2 pounds!

Mentally I have been feeling great! I have had a few struggles and tough moments, but I haven’t caved! I have stuck to my guns and stayed on track! I am super proud of myself for everything I have accomplished in this short period of time! I have looked in the mirror and seen so many differences! I have mentally felt a lot of differences in my day to day life! I feel like I am crushing it!

This past Sunday’s weigh in was not what I was looking for in the measurement category, but I know why the numbers showed the way they did. I had a moment of weakness when I saw the numbers and wanted to give up. I wanted to see the numbers as proof that “I can’t do it”. Something inside of me was able to push it’s way through the darkness and negativity and say “yes you can”. I knew that the numbers showed that way for a reason, and this next week would look better!


Tonight I was able to make Barre and Bang for the first time in weeks! My schedule hasn’t been allowing me to make it! Man did I feel great after! The atmosphere and people I am surrounded by in that class give me so much encouragement! I am going to be feeling those classes tomorrow! Every time I go back to class after a few weeks off I always feel like a fish out of water trying to remember what I am doing, but I have learned to laugh my way through it and have fun no matter what! All that matters is the crazy amount of sweat that was pouring off of me! Tonight Amanda made a comment about her balance being off after having to take a fred weeks off and she asked “how do we get better? We get better together” and it’s so true! I wouldn’t be making the progress I’m making without my support system! Without knowing I have an army standing behind me and pushing me! Between these classes, and friends and family who are there for me day in and day out, together we make progress!

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