Week 2 and The Mental Games


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Week 2 DONE! I am super excited about this week! I was actually prepared to see less of a change on the scale than that this week! This week was actually a rather easy week for me mentally! I ate all of my planned meals without any real cravings! I got in all of my planned workouts too! The hardest part of this week was my lack of planning at times when I would have to be in my car and out doing appointments! But I was able to hold out long enough to get back to work and stay on plan! This week I will be more prepared on days when I am out and about so I don’t start getting HANGRY!


Since I do spend so much time in my car for work I listen to Jillian Michaels’ podcasts! This week I was listening to one that really hit home for me! (Ok this happens on a regular basis, but this one had me thinking for awhile) A girl wrote in a question and Jillian called her, they were talking about what she wants to be different when she loses the weight. The girl had said in her email “I want to live my life more honestly”. So Jillian asked how she has been living her life dishonestly now where she’s at. The girl answered with these broad generalizations but nothing specific, nothing really identifiable. So Jillian made her zone in on what that actually meant. What does success look like to her? What does her life look like when she does lose the weight she wants to lose? Just a whole list of questions to have a crystal clear image in her head. All of the things the girl answered she could have in that moment. She didn’t need to wait to lose the weight before she could obtain them. I think what really hit me was Jillian telling her that, and also telling her that just because she drops weight doesn’t mean all these things would change for her. There was more work to be done mentally before they could happen, and she needed to start that now. Which made me think.. I know I have self sabotaged a few times because I was afraid to succeed and find that the things that I always said would be different if I were “smaller”, wouldn’t actually be any different. This journey is just as much, if not more, about the mental side as it is the physical side! It made me think about what more I can be doing to help myself through the mental aspect of losing weight. I think it is the least talked about, but really should be the most talked about. There are so many different plans out there.. but why aren’t there just as many (or just as popular) resources regarding the psychology of weight loss?

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