Disappointments and Setbacks

After about a month of consistent eating healthier and spotty exercises I got really disappointed to be up 3 pounds and most of my measurements being up. I let my emotions take over and I ate anything and everything I wanted, because why try when it’s not working? Technically I didn’t miss a workout according to the program I started. 

I let it really get me down. Then I just so happened to be listening to a Jillian Michaels Podcast (LOVE HER) and someone called in who had lost a bunch of weight, gained some back and felt like it was a never ending battle so what was the point if she couldn’t maintain it? God her statements were my feelings exactly! Why try when it never ends, it’s going to be something I fight forever. Jillian made a comment about having one life and in this life you should make the most of it, and “if you think about ‘what’s the point’  in all honesty what you’re really saying to me is ‘why don’t I just jump in front of a speeding bus’ … think about what you’re saying what’s the point of your health, what’s the point of your happiness, what’s the point of your life, what’s the point?” “Everything” “Right, that’s the point, so that’s something worth fighting for isn’t it? No matter how many battles you need to fight for it, right? Then you can’t say to me what’s the point”

That speeding bus comment hit me. If I’m not trying, if I don’t get back up after a bad day and try again, I am letting the speeding bus of disease and an unhealthy life run me over. I am worth more than that, we are all worth more than that! So while I have bad days and hours and minutes I know I have to keep fighting like hell to live as healthy of a life as possible!

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