A Year and 7 Months???

Yikes! I just came back on here because I wanted to fire this page back up again, and while scrolling through I realized the last time I stuck to a WHOLE workout program was May 2015! WHAT THE HE**????


The easiest thing for me to do is give up. I weighed in at the beginning of the month and my measurements were way up again. Basically where I was when I started with Beachbody in January 2015. That was a real gut punch. How did I let myself make that much progress and then slip back to the beginning? I know what I am capable of, I know what I need to do, so why haven’t I just done it? It’s so much easier to coast by, to eat what everyone else is eating, to be lazy after working on my feet all day. But I know I deserve more than that! I deserve to be comfortable in my own skin, I deserve to be happy.


For the past month I have been doing well with my eating, I have had friends who are sticking to eating pushing me! I dropped 4 pounds in three weeks. Which I was disappointed in, but being honest with myself I know I wasn’t great about my workouts! So today I decided to hit the gym by myself and get started on a lifting program! I have found my love for lifting again! Today was Chest and Triceps! I felt strong while getting it done! Here’s to getting re-started!


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