Heyyyy everybody! Ok so after a few months of craziness and not working on myself, I am getting back into 21 Day Fix Extreme!!!

Yesterday was day 1, which means weigh in and measurements…. Oh boy! I was NOT happy with the numbers!!! When I thought about what I have been up to these past few months, obviously I am not at all surprised with what it said! Doesn’t make it suck any less though! So yesterday I was fired up and went grocery shopping, food prepped, and pre-bagged everything in its serving size to make my life easier this week and pretty fool-proof nutrition wise!

That brings me to today, day 2! I woke up this morning and did a Cize workout to get moving! Had my shake, felt great! Went to work, ate meal 2 felt great! Then as the day went on I started to struggle! I was by no means hungry, but my darn brain was telling me it wasn’t satisfied! I am so used to eating crap that my body craves it and tell me I need to eat when I don’t need to! I was strong and stuck to my plan! I got home with a headache and I was just all around tired! I semi-jokingly said to Kari before I left that she couldn’t make me do the Upper Extreme that I needed to do, I Daisy to do my workout for me, I laid on the floor convincing myself that I didn’t need to do it, that I had gotten 13,000 steps today so I deserved to be lazy! Then I started thinking of everyone else that I am doing these programs with and I knew most of them had already gotten it done today and I peeled my lazy butt off the floor and got to work! Of course now I am glad that I did it and I was able to push through my excuses!


Here’s to day 3!!

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