3 Day Refresh

Alright guys, so I am happy to report I made it through the 3 Day Refresh with great results!! It was definitely tough, and I learned that if I do it again I will do it on a weekend because dog training in the heat and the Refresh do not combine well!!

I liked the set up of the Refresh, and when I followed the timeline it gave me I didn’t feel all that bad, but when I failed to plan properly it didn’t go so well! I was surely happy to see my oatmeal this morning though!! This cleanse consisted of 1 Shakeology, 1 Fiber Sweep Shake, 2 Vanilla Fresh Shakes, 2 servings of Fruit, 3 Servings of Veggies, and 2 Servings of Healthy Fats a day! I exercised day 1, and then didn’t days 2 and 3!

So here are the results!

I lost 6.6 pounds and 4.25 inches!!!! In 3 days mind you! I needed this kick-start to get back in the game mentally and physically!

IMG_0359 IMG_0358 IMG_0357

I officially started my first full round of 21 Day Fix Extreme today and look who I got to agree to do the workouts with me!!!


This was us post Plyo Extreme this morning! Scared to admit that later on in the afternoon both of us said we kind of wanted to workout again!! On to Upper Fix  Ex. in the morning!!

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