Hello there strangers!

Alllllright so it’s been a crazy awesome few weeks here!


May 23rd was this beautiful lady’s wedding in Indiana!!! Such a beautiful and perfect day!!

I came home for 6 days and then left for..

11390381_10206145654096050_6380293285045484948_n 11391702_10155630650305632_3956653879160630703_n

the BEAUTIFUL Bahamas on a cruise with my family! 5 amazing days getting to hang out with everyone and take in the amazing scenery! Vacations are never long enough!!

As I’m sure you can guess, all this fun and celebration led to a LOT of poor eating and an extreme lack of exercise!! Reality hit before I left for the cruise when David’s Bridal called to say my bridesmaids dress came in for Caroline’s wedding! When I had ordered the dress I decided to give myself motivation and ordered a size smaller than where I was at the time! Wellllll I kept pushing off going to pick it up, and knew I was going to have to bust my bootay when I came back from the cruise!

So, Sunday I bit the bullet and went to pick it up! I have a bit of work to do, but it is definitely achievable! Monday I sat down with Jenna to come up with a plan to help me get through the next few months! First up 3 Day Refresh, then 21 Day Fix Extreme, then Insanity Max :30, and finally a few weeks of Les Mills Combat!

Today was officially Day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh! It’s time to get this party started again! Stay tuned on Friday for the results of the Refresh!

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