Never skip a Monday


I had a GREAT weekend!!! Friday Caroline and I went out to Friday’s for dinner and drinks (first alcoholic beverage in about a month!), and then to see Age of Adaline! The movie was pretty good, I wish they could have done more in the middle of it though! Saturday was Annie’s bachelorette party! We went to Country Shabby Chic to do a craft! Most of us painted the Maryland State Flag! Pretty cool! Then we went out to dinner at La Paz! So yummy!!!!! Sunday was Mother’s Day! We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch, then went home and played a game as a family and hung out all day!

Andddd then Monday came, and reality hit!


I am a firm believer in moderation, and having days or meals off from a good routine! You have to keep your body guessing! But for me sometimes after having a few days off from my plan it is hard to get the ball rolling again! When I go off track, I go way off track! I am fortunate to have a HUGE support system behind me that inspired me in so many ways to get back on track! Beachbody has given me that! Obviously I have my friends and family, but I have my coach/friend, a challenge group, and fellow coaches I can ask for help and accountability! I am always looking for more people to join me on my journey and to keep each other going on the right track!!


Here I am at the end of the day, after a day of eating the right things, and getting in a workout! Even just this one day on the right track I feel a lot better! I’m off to get some reading in before bed! Good night everyone!

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