The Results are in!


Today was weigh in, picture and measurement day! In this round I lost 10.2 pounds and 13 inches!!! Looking at the pictures between the last two rounds I can see a big difference in the front view, I’m starting to get some good curves back! Woohoo!! I compared my Before pictures from back in January and my current pictures! It’s such an amazing difference!! Looking at those before pictures are embarrassing! I can’t believe that it was me not so long ago! I am so proud of the progress I have made!!!


The scale had a victory over me this morning. When I should have been excited for losing 10 pounds, I was upset I didn’t lose just 1 more pound to meet a huge goal I have for myself! Initially I let it get me down, but throughout the day I was able to remind myself that the numbers on the scale aren’t the only progress to be made through all of this!


I took my first step back  in January messaging  Jenna asking about Beach Body and Shakeology, and I am SO glad I did! Who is ready to take their first step into being a healthier, both physically and mentally, version of themselves? Send me a message! I don’t bite, I swear! =)

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7 thoughts on “The Results are in!

  1. Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment! Hard work pays off! Stay the course; focused, dedicated & committed! You will reach all your goals no matter what they are and no matter what the obstacles !!


  2. Me me me! I want to get into something that makes me stronger and healthier. I’d love to join you!


    1. Yayy!! I can’t wait to help ya!


  3. Woohoo! Great job! So proud of you! I am starting my 21 day fix on Monday… Can’t wait!


    1. Woohoo!! It’s awesome! I love it so much!!!


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