Jeans and Music!


Alright so I told you guys that I would try on these jeans this weekend! THEY FIT! I will say that I would have to wear loose-fitting shirts to be able to pull them off, they are a bit tight in my mid section still. I was just excited that I could even get them on!! I then realized how wide the bottoms are and that I wouldn’t be actually wearing them out any where! haha No need for bell bottoms!

I started looking back through pictures on Facebook of me from senior year of high school! I’m almost the same size I was then! I have a lot of work left ahead of me, but just being able to see that is amazing!


I don’t know about any one else, but there are just some songs that make me feel content. On days that things just aren’t going right, I can turn on these certain songs and my mood can’t help my get better! I’ll listen to them on repeat until I forget what the problem was in the first place! They are songs that remind me to think of the bigger picture, to get out of my own head, or are just so cheery you can’t help but sing along and feel better! What are those songs for you guys? Here are some of mine as I do a quick scroll through my library!

  • As If- Sarah Evans
  • Be Still- The Fray
  • Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
  • Breathe- Ryan Star
  • Changed- Rascal Flatts
  • Fight Song- Rachel Platten
  • Fuckin Perfect- P!nk
  • Glitter in the Air- P!nk
  • Happiness- The Fray
  • Holes- Passenger
  • I Lived- One Republic
  • I Was Here- Lady Antebellum
  • Invincible- Machine Gun Kelly
  • Lullaby- Nickelback
  • One Day You Will- Lady Antebelllum
  • Holding Onto You- Twenty One Pilots
  • Smile- Avril Lavigne
  • Titanium- David Guetta
  • Weightless- All Time Low
  • What About Everything?- Carbon Leaf
  • Who You Are- Jessie J
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