Kicking Butt and Taking Names!

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My “bring it on” face, my “no seriously bring it on” face! haha I think I like Les Mills Combat just a little too much!

Confession: Yesterday I did not get a workout in, I was having bad cramps and just wasn’t up to it. I took the time to stretch out but that’s about it. I did get to my step goal of 10,000 steps yesterday with the work meeting, so I wasn’t a complete bump on the log all day!

This morning I did a Brazil Butt Lift workout called High and Tight! Let me tell you, my “bum bum” is gonna feel it tomorrow! I like this set of workouts too, I haven’t done it on a regular basis, but it is something different from the typical workouts! Added bonus is the accent and the guy leading it! hahaha keeps you laughing! Tonight I did Combat 30! My legs are sufficiently tired and my arms and back are sore! I’m loving it! I’m still trying to stay away from exercises that require any weight to be put through my wrist, so these two today were perfect!


The best feeling is looking in the mirror and being able to see a difference! Obviously I have been seeing the scale go down, and my inches go down, but I don’t always see a difference. Today though, I put on my new jacket and almost had to do a double take! At this point I had to take a quick measurement of my waist just to see what the number was showing! GUYS… I have lost 6 inches in JUST my waist since January!!!!!!!! I am almost to a weight I haven’t been at since before freshman year of college…7 years ago! Crazy!!! I am super excited and so happy that I get to share this with everyone!! If I can do it, any one can!

If you want to get a better hold on your health and fitness, don’t hesitate to talk to me about it! It’s not all about losing weight, it’s about living a longer healthier life!!!


Also, I just have to express my love for this tank! I was getting a kick out of a bunch of them that I found on Amazon! This one was by far my favorite though!!

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3 thoughts on “Kicking Butt and Taking Names!

  1. Hell yeah! Go girl!


  2. Proud mama here!

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