Plyo Fix Extreme and Wedding Season

20150427_120722 20150427_113544

Alright you all, let’s be honest.. I SUCK at Plyos! Jumping around is just not my thing! For whatever reason, today I had this urge to do it though! So I figured I should take advantage of the situation and get it done! It wasn’t pretty but I did it!  THEN at around 5 I did Les Mills Combat! I will say, I love doing this series! I only sprinkle it in every once in awhile, but it makes me feel strong and confident after!

I ordered my dress for Caroline’s wedding, and decided to set myself up to make sure I keep putting in a lot of work until the wedding in September! I ordered one size smaller than where I am now! Which means I have a little less than 5 months to get to that point! I think it’s do able, I just have to stay focused until then!


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